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At Selve Media all of our services are available individually, although many of our clients come for a full 360 experience. From social media management, creative strategy, content creation, email marketing, branding and design as well as website development. At Selve Media we are here for all of your digital marketing needs.

Social Media Management

Social Media is the best way to reach clients, create brand awareness and turn those likes into sales. We work with you to create an effective social media strategy and manage your social media channels. At Selve Media we are experienced at creating captivating copy and graphics, engaging in conversations that are relevant to your business, targeting your ideal audience and building relationships with potential clients. 

Branding & Design

Our Brand Strategy process will identify your brand values, mission, purpose, personality and key messaging. You’ll receive a logo, supporting marks, monograms, patterns and more to bring everything together for all of your brand touch points.

Email Marketing

Our newsletters are designed to connect with your readers and build trust in the brand you're promoting. Selve Media carefully curates content for your target audience, keeping it relevant and timely.

Content Creation

Your visual identity goes beyond that logo you just designed—it’s the art of your brand and the creative reflection of what makes you unique. Whether you work with us for seasonal campaigns, full service creative direction or regular monthly social media content, we’ll help you establish the assets needed to tell your story via social media.

Website Development 

Let’s help you take your brand online. Selve Media will work with you to develop the mobile-friendly and search engine optimized site or storefront of your dreams. We’ll take care of all the details at each step along the way – from content planning, visual design and copy writing. 

Creative Strategy 

Creative strategy begins with identifying your target audience, understanding their needs and wants, as well as developing a strategy for what makes you different from the competition. We assist in defining your brand identity and creating a solid target clientele in order to ensure that all of your marketing content is relevant and speaks directly to them.

What Our Clients Say

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